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1 hour counselling sessions per week with your personal HYPE coach, trained in listening skills and giving feedback to address your personal issues with the goal to assist you in developing a healthy substance abuse free lifestyle. (harm reduction).

journey to 30 - 6 Sessions

Hype Journey Book

Learning the practice of daily documenting how your day went (good, bad or ugly), identifying feelings and coping mechanisms while determining root sources.

Identifying Feelings

Laying the groundwork to healthy recovery by identifying and getting in touch with feelings and emotions. 

Goal Setting and Accountability

Assisting in choosing and setting recovery and life goals that are realistic and achievable that the client is comfortable with and excited to pursue. Teaching the client how to recognize and secure the effective tools they can accumulate, and support their healthy recovery lifestyle. (Tools in the toolbox)

Affirmation Cards

Recognizing the damage done to ones self-esteem after years of abuse from others or to ones-self, teaching the effective application of cards to change thoughts, feelings and attitudes about themselves.

Spiritual Practice

Helping a client to realize the importance of having a connection with a Creator and how it assists with getting our focus off of ourselves as the only source to resolve our issues.

Relapse Prevention

Working with the client in understanding what Relapse is, what causes it, and mistaken beliefs concerning relapse. Teaching a system how to identify warning signs of relapse and developing a plan to interrupt the process.

journey to 90 - 12 Sessions

Everything in Journey to 30 +

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

The main concept behind the mind-body-spirit connection is that we are all more than just our thoughts. We are also our bodies, our emotions and our spirituality, all these things combined to give us identity, determine our health and make us who we are. We are going to help you become connected with your being.

Deepening relationship To Self

And Others

 Our programs are going to take on a whole new meaning when it comes to relationship with self and others. We first have to help you understand the best relationship and love is towards yourself and the believe that you are worth it. Once we help you get that we can help the relationship building with others in your life, with the same philosophy. You are worth it!!!!!

Personalized Self-Care Plan

We help you thoughtfully construct and intentionally engage (wellness curriculum) to promote your health and well being. Our personalized self-care plan takes the concept of being a life long-learner on the journey and engages the person in building a curriculum of knowledge, skills and attitudes to safe guard your recovery and support your wellbeing. 

Challenging Cognitive Distortions 

Sometimes our feelings may feel like the facts, which can take us down an unnecessary path. By exploring both fact and feeling separately you will begin to learn how to process the event that is happening.

HYPE Self Talk

We are going to take a look at your internal dialogue. It’s influenced by your subconscious mind and it reveals your thoughts, beliefs, questions and ideas. We want to help you recognize if it is negative or positive. We want to encourage that you work towards more of the positive self-talk. your coach will help you figure this out as it depends on ones personality.

Combating Isolation &

Gaining Connections

Isolation has been taken to a whole new level these days. We will work to bring togetherness back into your life where you can feel connected not only to others but yourself as well.

journey to 180 - 15 Sessions

Everything in Journey to 30 +


Everything in Journey to 90 +

Substitute Addictions Awareness  

It is common for an addict, new to recovery to substitute their primary drug of choice for a new addiction, being aware of the new addictive behavior however, through education, the harmful effects can be prevented.

Combating Co-Addiction

Addiction is a family disease, it is common for non addicted family member and friends to become difunctional from being in a relationship with the addict. Being educated and enlightened to the symptoms and warning signs can help prevent this debilitating disfunction. 

Identifying Triggers

Identifying triggers is an essential component of relapse prevention. Once someone in recovery knows what triggers them, they are in a much better position to stay sober one day at a time. In mental health terms, a trigger refers to something that affects your emotional state, often significantly, by causing extreme overwhelming feelings of distress. A trigger affects your ability to remain present at the moment. It may bring up specific thought patterns or influence your behavior.  

Journey 30
Journey 90
Journey 180
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