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Book Your HYPE Journey with one of our Certified HYPE Coaches. We have put together an epic team of people with not only professional, but lived experience in the recovery and mental health field. Your HYPE Coach will be leading your program sessions and will help guide and support you through developing your personal plan of recovery. HYPE stands for HELPING YOUR PERSONAL EFFORT and that is exactly what our coaches are trained to do. 



Founder & CEO + HYPE Certified Coach

Motivational Speaker & Mental Health Advocate

Jay Barnard is the founder and CEO of HYPE Recovery with 14+ years experience in the recovery field. Jay has not only found freedom from his addictions, he has transformed his mind body and soul. He is now a motivational speaker, well known as Chef Recovery, who has been featured on TEDx, shaw TV and many other publications where he shares his journey of hopeless addict to thriving in recovery and inspiring thousands. 


Co-Founder of HYPE Recovery

Mental Health & Detox Support Worker

Ashley is an extremely experienced mental health advocate who has been working with adults with developmental disabilities for over 10 years. She started her road to recovery over 30 months ago and has dedicated her self to a health and wellness journey that has changed her life. Ashley co-stars with Jay on the Shaw TV Series The Recovery Couple where she shares about her journey and tools she uses to stay on a path to recovery. Ashley has been working in the detox field for over a year and specializes in supporting people in the early stages of recovery. 



HYPE Certified Coach +

Hype Coach Instructor +

Relapse Prevention Specialist

Robert is the assistant program developer and Hype Coach screening facilitator at HYPE Recovery as well as a Certified HYPE Coach with over 35 years experience in recovery. He is a Relapse Prevention specialist, mental health advocate and has over 35 years experience as a counsellor in Ottawa, Ontario. Robert is a huge asset to the team and has been an incredible mentor to the HYPE family. 


Program Developer + HYPE Certified Coach Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counsellor

Sabrina brings over 17 years of experience in recovery and 14+ years experience as a mental health and substance abuse counsellor in the community. She has been instrumental in the development of our HYPE program and has brought over resources, expertise and proven tools that she has used in her own practice. Sabrina got clean and sober at a very young age and has dedicated her life to supporting others in finding the freedom and success that she has found through her journey. 



IMG_0084 2.JPG

Brooke Robichaud

Web Design & Branding Specialist 

Certified Recovery & Grief Coach 

My name is Brooke. I am a sober mama of 3, podcast host, digital creator, producer and sober coach who absolutely loves karaoke and all things digital media!

Before getting sober I was a completely broken person. I could not stand who I saw in the mirror and wanted desperately to be anybody but me. Recovery has honestly changed me from the inside out and I have finally become the woman that I have always wanted to be.

I was a single mom, on welfare dying from alcoholism and drug addiction and now I am living my dream as a wife, proud mama of 3 and an entrepreneur. I learned to love and be my true authentic self and not only accept my past but become empowered by it.

In my business I get to help ambitious people in recovery launch their podcasts, books, websites and digital brands so they can make an impact online and serve their communities in a beautifully branded way.

I am so excited to be helping HYPE Recovery in this way and am looking forward to supporting the development of their amazing programs.


Simone Choy

HYPE Recovery Bead Designer

As someone who has been in coaching in some manner for 20+ years I need art in my life. It brings balance, creation, shiny objects and playing with fire.

I have been involved with social enterprise for decades and it has always been aimed at education, developing countries and disadvantaged groups to name a few. I recently made 300 Glass bead pendants and given them to anyone who has donated Blood.

Getting involved with Jay in this project was a natural fit. I’m always looking to support wellness and am always looking to create work opportunities for people who are blind or autistic. These amazing people have a very difficult time finding any work. Something I find so frustrating since they are such amazing beautiful people with so much to contribute. HYPE will allow the creation of jobs for such groups and I’m very excited to see it grow.

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